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Web Presence

Consider your Web presence your home base to direct prospective families from other marketing efforts. Families coming to your website are looking for information on your program—what their children will learn, what the learning experience will be like, and what support is available. Once prospective parents/caregivers have the information they need, they are more likely to take the next step and apply.

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The top five pages that interest parents on school sites are:

1. Courses by Grade/Curriculum

The curriculum section is one of the most important sections of your website, and it often generates the most unique page views. Make sure that it is easy for parents to find information on the courses available for all of the grade bands you offer.

2. Learning Experience and Support

Explain the learning experience you offer and showcase everything you do for your students. Parents want to be sure that their children will get the support they need and what to expect while their child is enrolled. Families who have experienced virtual learning understand the difference and may have a preference for an asynchronous or synchronous learning format. It's also helpful to include information on the parent/caregiver role as the learning guide or coach, as well as the support available to them.

Be sure to include any in-person opportunities for students to engage with teachers, staff, and other students. Some schools offer virtual students drop-in hours, in-person labs, planned social activities, etc.

3. Enrollment Information

Create a page with a link to your application that outlines the enrollment process, eligibility information, and contact information so that families can reach out with any questions they may have, along with open enrollment dates and registration deadlines.

4. Success Stories and Testimonials

Prospective families love to hear from other parents and see testimonials from students currently enrolled. Create a section on your website for success stories.

Survey your families and use those feedback opportunities as a way to collect testimonials from parents, staff, and students. Ask parents what they like about your school. Ask students to describe their educational experience.

Staff members can also contribute by writing a spotlight piece on a current student.

5. Events

An events page is a great place to show how active your school community is. It's also the perfect place to add your schedule of meet and greets and family webinars. Visit our Events page for tools and event ideas.

Basic tips for your website

  • If you are adding your virtual school to your district website, be sure to give it equal weight on your site as your brick-and-mortar schools.
  • Be sure to highlight what makes your program special. What do you offer that other programs don’t? Be sure to describe the features and supports that you’ve carefully planned to offer to help students be successful.
  • Use a clean and responsive website layout to easily navigate your website on a smartphone or tablet. Conveying a good online image on both mobile and desktop devices helps build trust with your prospective and current parents.
  • Consolidate content into easy-to-understand sections. Keep the menu options intuitive/easy.
  • Be sure to register your website in local listings such as Google My Business, Yahoo Basic Listing, or Bing Places for Business, and link your social media accounts to your website as well.
  • Forms are a great way to capture contact information to follow up with prospective families. If you have forms on your website or in your advertising, make sure that your registration or request-for-information forms are easy to fill out (and that you have a plan for following up).
  • Remember to include a call to action on each page leading families to a contact form, your application, or contact information so that families can get in touch with you for more information.


Web Content

Below you will find logos, short descriptions, differentiators, and messaging to add to your website.