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In a pre-pandemic world when in-person events were the norm, holding events at an easy-to-locate venue and at a convenient time for people was key. Now that families have become accustomed to online events, webinars and videoconferences have taken over for safety and convenience. Taking advantage of webinar and videoconferencing technology offers you a better way to conveniently “meet” with families over a large geographic area and allows you the flexibility to use prerecorded presentations to offer webinars on demand.


Need some ideas to get started?
We've included some templates and content that you can start planning your events with.

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Planning your events and follow-up

Planning events:

Whether online or in-person, devise a way to collect attendee information so that you can follow up with them later.

Be sure to highlight how your program meets a variety of student needs. Share student success stories or testimonials from families that illustrate how your program worked for them.

Give an overview of the curriculum and learning format/schedule.

Leave some time for questions and answers at the conclusion.

Be sure to include a slide with contact information or a link or QR code to your application at the end of every presentation.

Plan to record your webinar so that you can reuse the content on your website and in emails.

Following up:

Follow up promptly with attendees with a thank-you message and next steps for enrollment. This shows families that your school is responsive, and gives them an additional opportunity to ask questions that may not have been answered during the event.

Email a link to the recorded event for those who couldn’t attend with an invitation to contact you with questions.

More ideas:

Here are some additional ideas and topics that you can focus on or weave into your recruitment events:

  • Share what online learning experience is like at your school
  • Hold “Meet the Teacher” events to introduce your staff and let them share a little bit about what they love about your school
  • Offer ideas on how to keep students who are learning online motivated
  • Present tips on preparing for college (AP® and college-prep courses)
  • Share how students can “catch up” using credit recovery or online courses for remediation
  • Explain the NCAA eligibility process and considerations for college-bound student-athletes


Event Assets

Use the files below to help build your event. Use the presentation template as a starting point to share the features and benefits of your virtual program at your in-person or online events. Include videos as an engaging way to segue into the learning experience. Build and export .PDF files of your course catalogs to provide as digital handouts during your webinars.

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